In their own words: participants like that our online process is rapid, efficient, creative, open, inclusive, engaging, non-threatening, and actionable

lumenogic-gui-grisVery easy to use. It is a good way to get a lot of people to participate in a short amount of time.»

We were able to accomplish on line what would take days at a table with live participants.»

It gave us the ability to gather ideas from employees in all disciplines and functions to gain a broad perspective.»

lumenogic-gui-grisAll ideas were placed on the table, all voted so everyone had a say in the initiatives and their outcome.»

Effective way to capture input. I liked the ability rate ideas in rounds 2 and 3 – it forced you to consider your choices carefully.»

Got the team focused on how to move the company forward, while surfacing significant issues that need to be addressed.»

Helped with narrowing down all the great ideas into what appears to be most important.»

I enjoyed sharing ideas with other leaders in the company. It was great to hear different perspectives on what the next big thing should be. This helped me identify how I can best support the organizations goal.»

lumenogic-gui-grisIt was a wonderful way to prepare for the leadership offsite. It forced us to set aside time to reflect and get in the appropriate mindset for the session.»

The platform was easy to use and contributed to making our leadership conference far more productive.»

This was the first time we could freely express ideas and rank them and see what other leaders in the organization think.»

lumenogic-gui-grisThis gave us the ability to generate tons of great ideas and recommendations in an organized manner. It was great how quickly the overall process worked from start to finish.»

I liked the ability to provide input into the process, as well as seeing the creative ideas from others in the organization. Also the ability to see the results of the prioritization in real time was interesting to see.»

I valued the opportunity to brainstorm in a non-threatening environment.»

This was a great way to get all of us thinking about what we can do to move our company in a forward position. I also think that having this anonymous really allowed people the opportunity to speak freely and it appeared they did.»


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