lumenogic-gui-grisWe couldn’t have involved hundreds of our members from around the country any other way. As a result of their participation, the support for our new strategy has been exceptional. And the trove of information generated by the project keeps generating dividends and sparking creativity around here. »

Executive Director

National Children’s Alliance

It would have taken us many months to gather and prioritize this much information otherwise. Participants were enthusiastic and the executive team had strong buy-in to the resulting strategic initiatives. It was a very successful project. »

Senior Vice president, Marketing & Business Transformation

Supermedia (ex Verizon Yellow Pages)

Compared to polling people, this significantly improves the process of harvesting and prioritizing ideas. » 


VP of Emerging Technologies

InterContinental Hotels Group

lumenogic-gui-grisThe participants appreciated that the selection was based on their choices. Your system is a good fit to our business culture: very pragmatic, geared towards results and efficiency. »

Business Development Director

Innovation and E-Services Division

Groupe La Poste

First-rate quality in both consulting and software. »



Principal Software Programmer

Boston Scientific

The competitive forecasts, coupled with those from other models and Market Intelligence data, provide a valuable input in defining the commercial policy in the coming quarters. »

Senior Manager of Market Intelligence

Arcelor Mittal

We have enjoyed working with the Lumenogic team in delivering a forecasting system to Fonterra. Fonterra has repeatedly expressed its satisfaction with the results produced by Lumenogic. »


Viclink  (Victoria University, NZ)

lumenogic-gui-grisThe Lumenogic process created a breakthrough in cross-company thinking, collaboration and alignment that has produced actionable innovation and strong support for the Synergy Initiative. »

Global Marketing Leader

Johnson & Johnson

We have been trying to find different ways to inspire our young scientists and engineers to come up with new ideas … This project allowed us to energize this workforce. »

Deputy Director, Innovation & Rapid Reaction

U.S. Air Force Research Labs

The Lumenogic team is very customer-oriented and is able to listen to me and translate my thoughts and requests into tangible results. They are very responsive; they have consistently flexed and adapted to any new parameters and ideas that I may bring to them. »

Manager, Global Customer Solutions

Eli Lilly


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