Collective intelligence


 nyt_branded_product_size2U.S. Intelligence tests crowd-sourcing against its experts «The study is designed to see whether the 17 agencies in the U.S. intelligence community can aggregate the judgment of its thousands of analysts ? rather than rely on the expertise of just a few ? to issue more accurate warnings to policy makers before and during major global events.» Tout l’article Aug. 2012

LOGO_thewallstreet     Top ‘Innovators’ Rank Low in R&D Spending «The biggest innovators involve employees company-wide to help generate ideas, says Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a strategy and innovation professor at Harvard Business School.» Tout l’article Oct. 2011

Bloomberg Logo 2     Lumenogic Mines Workers’ Opinions for U.S. Air Force and Multinationals «David Shahady, the deputy director of the U.S. Air Force Rapid Reaction Innovation Team, says the ideas resulted in better cameras in drones and a radar system that remotely detects human vital signs from 10 times the distance of previous systems.» Tout l’article Aug. 2011

How Prediction Markets Help Forecast Consumers’ Behaviors «Prediction markets reduce the level of uncertainty surrounding predictions of future consumer behavior and provide quick, cost-effective results. Therefore, Forrester recommends the use of prediction markets and believes they will serve a niche but critical role during the innovation process.» Tout l’article Aug. 2011

LOGO_businessweek     Companies that Innovate Collectively «The InterContinental Hotels Group wanted to improve the technology experience of its hotel guests, so it turned to Lumenogic and created a prediction market that let employees submit ideas and bet on the best ones.» Tout l’article Sept. 2010

it would have taken us months to gather and prioritize this much information otherwise. Participants were enthusiastic and the executive team had strong buy-in to the resulting strategic initiatives. Very successful project!»
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