Results guaranteed with full-service consulting, technology development & process management

Unlike technology vendors

we customize our solutions to each unique situation and manage the process to guarantee results.

Unlike traditional consultancies

we leverage our proprietary technology to do the job faster, better and more affordably.


Design is the key to success and we pay great attention to detail.

Lumenogic works closely with you to clearly define project objectives and develop the optimal Collective Intelligence solution to succeed within your company, culture and constraints.

All tools, communications, rewards programs, user interfaces, graphics, website content and analytics are designed for you to maximize participant engagement, contribution and to produce actionable results.


Lumenogic builds your customized online platform and manages every aspect of hosting and project execution.

From pre-launch training, to communications campaigns, to analysis and results, we handle all the details.

If you prefer to manage the process yourself, Lumenogic offers technology-licensing options following an initial engagement and platform development.


Lumenogic helps you dig deep to find the actionable information and breakthrough insights to improve decisions and allow you to execute faster with less risk. For example:


What are the few ideas to move forward to implementation?

Which are most likely to be game changers or disruptors?

What portfolio of ideas is optimal across time and risk horizons?

Forecasting & Risk Assessment

What are the mean predictions, probability distributions, standard deviations and other statistics?

How should they be interpreted and used in decision support?

Which participant cohorts are outliers and merit investigation?

Organizational Insights

Which ideas have high organizational alignment; which may be riskier due to lower alignment?

What organizational alignment dynamics could impact execution?

What hidden sources of talent were discovered for innovation or judgment?

Lumenogic has more than a decade of experience helping companies

tap their collective intelligence through prediction markets,

innovation competitions and other means.


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